Who is ESOMAR?

We’re ESOMAR, the global voice for the data, research and insights community. A non-profit organisation  with 70 years of experience in growing and promoting the value of market research, offering ethical guidance to researchers and advocating on behalf of our global membership community.

We speak on behalf of 4900 professionals and over 500 companies in 130+ countries (over 35,000 professionals globally), who provide or commission research, including public and academic bodies—all of whom agree to uphold the ICC/ESOMAR International Code. ESOMAR is your gateway to achieving business intelligence and connecting you to the partners you need.

A global professional network

As the saying goes, it’s not what you know, but who you know. 
A global network. Find us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and MyESOMAR. We are also on YouTube and Instagram 😉
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A network of country representatives (find out more in YES Community)
Awards (Did you check out the YES Competition already?)

A Community of Innovation and knowledge-sharing

It’s one thing to have knowledge, but how do you implement this into your daily work life? 
Papers, webinars on demand, event presentations,  Research World magazine, publications (Young ESOMAR Society members also have free or discounted access to all of this awesome content!)
Research World Connect (Young ESOMAR Society members have the exclusive opportunity to get published in our online magazine, read more)
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Business growth and intelligence

How can you grow your business? What countries are experiencing growth? 
Global market Research Report and Global Prices Study (for free to all members, including Young ESOMAR Society Pro’s)
Global Directory of Research
Exhibitions, webinars, business opportunities
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The voice of ethical conduct and professional standards

Securing the future of the market research industry
Membership Mark
ESOMAR represents your interests with legislators across the globe.
Legal updates, expert advice and support.
Accessible and comprehensive guidelines on best practice and ethical data collection.

Market Research
in Action

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23 January, 2017

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23 January, 2017

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24 March, 2016

WOW You do research where?

24 March, 2016

Market Research Impact

Are you aware of the impact Market Research has on your life? On the products you love? On your government?

Market, social and opinion research impacts organisations, companies, society. It plays an important role in supporting the development of new social services, products and laws aimed at improving our daily lives.

Market research is key in guiding decision makers to meet society and consumer needs.

To truly understand the important and vast impact this industry has, have a look at a snippet of Market Research Success Stories (Eureka’s) we have prepped here for you.

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