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Market Research Resources

ESOMAR provides the global data, research and insights industry with a platform to share knowledge and innovation. As the global association for market research, and one of the oldest organisations in the industry, ESOMAR has a vast library of market research content, including research papers, event presentation videos, webinars and industry reports.

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(Journalist) Course on Opinion Polling

AAPOR, ESOMAR and WAPOR have together launched a free online learning module for journalists. This course helps anyone who is not a market researcher understand how polls are conducted, what to look for in methodology and why even the most legitimate of polls sometimes miss the mark.

This course is a fantastic introductory course into how opinion polling works for anyone interested in the subject. It explains how people are selected for research and how as a researcher you can make sure they are representative of the opinion of a whole nation. It further explains the advantages and disadvantages of certain interviewing methods (like face-to-face vs online vs telephone). It has a section on how to prevent bias in answers, by making sure questions are balanced, not leading etc.The course will help you learn not only how market research is done in this field, but also how to interpret research results and also getting a bit of an idea of the statistics behind.

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Presentation of the Month

This month as Presentation of the Month, we feature How do you showcase the value of investing in insight?, a thought leadership presentation from ESOMAR on the initiative to showcase the value of insight research as a response to the provocative statement that market research agencies should not get paid unless their results contribute to the bottom line.

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Webinar of the Month

This month, we feature a webinar on the ‘The Great Internal Communication Experiment’, by Lucy Davison, Managing Director at Keen as Mustard Marketing, and Lauren Raby, NPD Analyst at Coca-Cola. This experiment explored which types of insight communication had the most resonance and impact with different internal audiences.

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Paper of the Month

This month’s featured paper is Find Your Brilliance! A How To Guide by expert presentation trainer, and author of Gravitas, Caroline Goyder.

This paper examines the impact of System 1 (the brain’s emotional and intuitive decision maker) on discovering and amplifying your personal brand code. In the paper, Caroline discusses her top tips to unlock and project your own unique brand of gravitas, and how to make a strong appeal to your listeners’ System 1.


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Industry Reports

ESOMAR produces annual reports on the growth of the data, insights and research industry. The Global Market Research report (GMR) is one of them. It reviews the size and performance of the market research industry and explores how the research market continues to expand. The report is widely used as a point of reference for business investment plans, growth opportunities, merger and acquisition preparation, research projects, academic theses, market studies and reports, as well as advertisements. It is the only truly global report collecting market size data.

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Knowledge Resources for Students

ESOMAR has curated a special selection of resources to help you in your studies. The selection includes papers, presentations, and articles from our regional and global events or our online magazine, and is tailor made for you by top industry thought leaders and experts. Check them out HERE  Join us!


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