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Why is the YES valuable for me?

Are you under 35 and are curious, enthusiastic, looking for work experience, expanding your skills and (global) network? YES membership is a new initiative created by ESOMAR to support you in taking these steps needed for progressing your career. We give you the platform to develop your career progression in a fun and engaging way!

What is the difference between the YES STARTER membership and the YES PRO membership?

Both membership fall under the Young ESOMAR Society. So why create two? We believe that there are multiple important stages in your career progression.
To give you an example, if you are a student or just graduated (congrats!), you are looking for a job that fits your interest, right? As this is THE moment where you choose your path, we would like to help you to discover all the career opportunities in the data, insights and research industry.
As a YES STARTER member, you start your discovery journey! We give you the platform to learn, develop grow and support you in your career launch. Think about networking with our 5000+ members and member companies all over the world, get international exposure and access to all our event videos + webinars on the latest trends in the industry. But also practical tips to prepare you for interviews, how to build you CV, etc.
Then the next step- you are already working in the data, research and insights field? Your growth does not stop there! The YES PRO membership will support you to expand your knowledge about the field you’re working in, offer more networking opportunities, signify your commitment to ethical practice and give you the exclusive benefit to vote for the YES board- exciting!
Wanna get involved? Please visit and apply now!

Who can become a YES member?

The YOUNG ESOMAR Society is open for everyone 35 years and under. It doesn’t matter if you are a student, graduated (max. one year ago) or working. Are you now thinking ‘’I don’t have the right study’’ or ‘’I don’t work in the market research field’’? Don’t worry! No matter what you study or where you work, the industry offers opportunities for everyone who is curious and open-minded.
Are you now thinking ‘’Oh no! I’m over 35’’? No worries, we offer full individual membership which includes all benefits. Find out more about Regular individual membership here.

What do I get as a YES member?

We hear you thinking, so what’s included in this YES membership?

Well… Are you studying or have you graduated recently? Then we recommend the YES STARTER membership. You will get and have to opportunity to do….

1. Access to ESOMAR Job Board
2. Full on-demand access – videos+ webinars
3. Eligibility to apply for 1 of 3 scholarships covering 30% of the tuition fees for a Master’s in Market Research and Consume Behaviour at the IE School of Human Sciences and Technology in Spain
4. YES membership mark
5. Active package:
-Writing for RWC (global online magazine)
-Organisation & participation in local/ESOMAR events
-Participation in YES Race

Are you working and looking for more networking opportunities and gain more knowledge about your field? Then we recommend the YES PRO membership. You will get and have the opportunity to do…

1. Access to ESOMAR Job Board
2. Free publications (papers older than 18 months + pdf of industry reports)
3. Full on-demand access – videos + webinars
4. RW magazine PDF
5. Voting for YES board
6. Preferential rates to ESOMAR events
7. YES membership mark Active package:
-Writing for RWC (global online magazine)
-Organisation and participation in local/ESOMAR events
-Participation in YES race

Where can I find my on-demand content?

You can find all YES on-demand in MyESOMAR. As a YES member, you will have exclusive access to all this knowledge. As soon as we approve your application, you will have your own account to login. You can access MyESOMAR here.
For the active package, you can find all contact details on the website. Haven’t found what you’re looking for? Please email us at or

How much will it cost me to be a YES member?

YES STARTER: For the first year there is a special price because we want to show you how valuable this Society can be for you. The first 12 months will only cost you EUR 50 and no VAT will be charged. From the second year onwards until you become 31 years (or choose to become a YES PRO member), the price is EUR 60 per year.
YES PRO: This membership is 100 EUR per year until you are 31 years old. We will then automatically change your status to Full Individual Membership so that you don’t miss anything!

How do I become a YES member?

We are thrilled to welcome you to the YOUNG ESOMAR Society. To become a YES member, please fill in the online application form. We will ask you to provide…
• A copy of your Passport or ID card
• CV/resume
• Proof of enrolment (if you are a student)
• Proof of graduation (within a year)

What is the approval process of Individual Membership application?

All member applicants have to provide a copy of their passport/ID and their CV/résumé.

-YES Starter and Pro member applicants can provide either company details or proof of enrolment or proof of graduation within one year.

What is the duration of my YES membership?

ESOMAR membership is for a duration of 12 months from the date of application.
Please note that after 12 months membership is renewed automatically for another year, unless you wish not to renew your membership.

How can I renew my YES membership?

Three months before the expiration date of your membership, you will automatically receive an invoice for the upcoming year. Your membership will be renewed upon receipt of payment. You can arrange payment online or by bank transfer.

To access ESOMAR’s secure online payment form click here. You will need to provide the following information:
• Invoice number
• Invoice date (dd/mm/yyyy)
• Grand total in EUR
• Credit card details

If you prefer to arrange a bank transfer, please do not forget to state your invoice number as a reference and to arrange the transfer to ESOMAR using the following bank details – all details can be found directly on the invoice provided:
Dam 2, 1012 NP, Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Account No.
IBAN NL47ABNA0597840784

Please contact us at for any questions regarding your membership renewal. If you are experiencing problems submitting payment online, please contact

What is the ICC/ESOMAR International Code?

The code is a framework for self-regulation and is intended to foster public confidence and to demonstrate practitioners’ recognition of their ethical and professional responsibilities in carrying out market research. But, what does this mean for you? Well, entering the community will provide you the professional recognition which can support you in finding a job and even further in your career development! Sounds pretty good, right?!

I found a job! What do I need to do?

Congratulations! Are you a YES STARTER? You can upgrade your membership and become YES PRO member. This membership will give you more networking opportunities and gain more knowledge about your field plus the latest trends. Please email for your membership upgrade.
How can I get my YES member mark?
When you become a YES member, you can download your mark in MyESOMAR.

How can I use my YES member mark?

Your mark is very valuable as it is your professional recognition. You are part of a community and this will help/support you to connect with basically anyone within and outside the ESOMAR community.

You can use your mark:
In your email signature
On your business card
On your social media platforms
On your CV
On your website

If you would like to use the mark somewhere else, please first check this with

An event in my country? Great! How can I get involved?

Your input is very much appreciated! If you would like to know when there is a local event in your country, please contact for more information. You will have the choice of how you would like to contribute based on your skills.

I would like to organise something by myself, how can ESOMAR help me?

That is fantastic! We can definitely help you to organise your own event or spread the word within your university and personal network. We can support and encourage you with the following tools:
– Help to find speakers within your country that would fit your topic(s).
– You can use video materials and slides to explain MR.
– We can send you promotion materials (flyers, goodies) to distribute at the event or at your university.
– Financial support if deemed necessary.

So.. how can you access these tools? Please email us at and we will discuss your ideas and find out which materials and support we can offer you.

What topics can I use for my blog?

Are you a creative person & love to put your thoughts on paper? Any topic related to data, insights or research you find interesting to write about & share is perfect! You are also encouraged to share personal stories in your journey as a young professional! The industry is very interested to know more about your personal interests and where you are in your career now. No inspiration? Please contact us at and we will help you find your topic & get exposure!

How can I submit my blog?

Wow, your own piece is going to be published online, so cool! You can send your blog to Don’t worry about the spelling, we will double check this before we show your piece to the world!

What can I win when I submit my blog?

If your blog is the most read piece for two months, your blog will get published in Research World print magazine! Research World magazine is read in over 100 countries 6 times a year by around 20,000 of the world’s leading marketing, advertising and market research professionals. Available to members, with further out-reach through subscriptions, distribution at global events and through a network of ESOMAR representatives, the online magazine is also distributed through the Wiley Online Library to academic and corporate libraries.
So you will get a lot of exposure! Great to put on your CV and for you career progression!

Where can I find the job board?

As a YES member, you will get the opportunity to place your CV on the ESOMAR job board. A great opportunity for you to show who you are and what you can to the industry. But not only that, you can also find your potential job or internship! Please visit this page to upload your CV.