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ESOMAR’s Student Volunteer programme

Are you a student? Participate in the Future Talent Meets the Industry programme! Are you a curious person? If you are interested in a career in the data, research and insights industry, then the FTMI programme will help you to grow your network, learn about the industry opportunities and all the different areas in research. SSI and ESOMAR offer you the opportunity to join our regional and/or global event for FREE! In exchange, we want to ask you to help us with easy tasks in relation to the event organization.

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Find out here what events we have planned and look interesting!

The Young ESOMAR Society is proud to announce SSI, Survey Sampling International, as the first sponsor for 2017, with special regards on the Student Volunteer programme. This partnership’s main focus is to support the students who are interested and young professionals in the data, research and insights industry on an international level, with their career.

Special thanks to our Student Volunteer programme sponsor, Research Now – SSI.

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Want to participate or help organise an ESOMAR Best Of local event?

On a yearly basis, ESOMAR organises around 30 local events in countries all over the world. We bring the best of global and regional speakers and presentations to a local audience, which is open to anyone for FREE.

Would you like to help us organise such an event in your country? Would you like to blog from the event or participate in networking speed-dating with companies present? We can make it happen!

No event planned in your country? Why not help us make it happen!

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Organise a university event?

Interested in learning more about career opportunities within the data, insights and market research industry? Want to share that with your classmates? Just do it!

ESOMAR will connect you to professionals in your country and will provide you with materials and an event starter pack! And you can add that amazing experience to your CV!

Would you like to organise a networking event with market research professionals? We can help with that too!

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