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What do sociology, policy studies, teaching, mechanical engineering, languages, computing, psychology and radio and television arts have in common? They are all subjects that are easily transferable to a career in market research. And this is just a snapshot – there are of course many more.

The MR industry employs graduates from all sorts of disciplines and degrees. Like Engineers who can solve problems, Arts graduates who can visualise data, Economics graduates who can provide stakeholders with the commercial story, Mathematicians who can build analytical models, Statisticians to correlate big data streams, Psychologists to understand motivations and behaviour… and so the list goes on.

Fancy interviewing millennials in Vegas, creating a bar concept in Berlin or researching ‘fandom’ on social media – the data, research and insights industry is vast and varied and needs YOU!

“ESOMAR, ENI and Chime Insight and Engagement conducted a study of careers in the industry.  This made it clear that an important question for younger researchers in particular, is how to progress their careers; the options available and the skills needed.  To help with this Keen as Mustard along with ENI, drew up this infographic of the industry.  This shows the various paths those in the market research, data and insight industries can follow, the skills needed, and a guide to salaries.

It is common place to move from one path to another, particularly earlier on in the career, but certain moves are possible at a senior level too.  All that is needed is complementary skills and experience.

The infographic is a representation of the industry.  We haven’t shown all the possible roles within each path, and there are some companies which don’t fit exactly into the paths shown.  Even without this, it shows how complex the industry is, and every year innovation is resulting in even greater complexity.”

Liz Norman, ENI

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Sound like you? The data, insights and research industry is big, with countless opportunities to work within it. The Young ESOMAR Society, an initiative created by ESOMAR (more about us here), introduces you to the market research industry. Gain practical experience, make connections, get published, grow your CV, and ultimately, start your career. What are you waiting for!

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