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  • The best way to learn and grow – ESOMAR Summer Academy
    By Pervin Olgun Global research community is heading for an exciting week; ESOMAR Summer Academy at 06-07 June followed by a seminar on sensory testing at June 8th in Amsterdam. From 2010, almost a thousand of research professionals attended the Summer Academy and were highly satisfied, 4.2 score out of ... Read more
    Source: RW Connect: Young ResearcherPublished on 25-04-2017
  • #mrx offers countless job opportunity, student reviews
    On the 13March, IE – Instituto de Empresa in Madrid organised the annual ESOMAR Career Event for the Master of Market Research and Consumer Behaviour (MRCB) students to give them a broad perspective on the current role of Market Research and the many career opportunities that can be pursued within ... Read more
    Source: RW Connect: Young ResearcherPublished on 11-04-2017
  • The ESOMAR Corporate Youth Program
    Five presenters competed to win the ESOMAR Corporate Youth Program award at the Annual Congress in New Orleans. Enter the Experience EconomyThomas Troch, InSites Consulting, USA – With only half of research projects prompting change, Thomas looked at different ways to present results: raw data is a commodity; ... Read more
    Source: RW Connect: Young ResearcherPublished on 19-09-2016
  • Millennials in Research: Behind the Scenes Edition
    Meet 5 Millennials in Market Research who have helped shape the ESOMAR Congress 2016 Presentation Program. They share your passion for Aha! Moments, consumer understanding and data discovery. And the way the Pokémon Go Craze simultaneously amazes and annoys you. Caroline, Devika, Jason, Katia and Till are Explorers, Thought Leaders and ... Read more
    Source: RW Connect: Young ResearcherPublished on 30-08-2016
  • When I say Millennial, you say….
    A Millennial’s Attempt At Understanding Research About Her Own Generation – #ResearchAboutMillennials By Giulia Gasperi Ever attended a conference presentation feeling like you were in a Discovery Channel documentary about yourself? If so, you’re probably a Millennial. Millennials have been placed in the world’s biggest petri dish, by a landslide. ... Read more
    Source: RW Connect: Young ResearcherPublished on 13-07-2016

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